David K. Gibson enjoys an opportunity to read his work — and the work of others — to interested audiences. Upcoming events, and recordings of past ones, are listed below.

Invisible City Issue 3 and CNF Contest Reading
February 5, 2022, via Zoom
“Baby That Baby”
Signup link here.

Working Title Podcast
Recorded at Parcels Live
November 4, 2019, Orlando Brewing, Orlando, FL
“Lobsters,” “Reassurances,” “We Were in Adventureland” (all read too quickly)

Kerouac Karaoke
Host, reader, contributor, and founder
Jack Kerouac House, Orlando, FL
“What We Talk About When We Talk About Dentistry,” 2019 (read by Nicole Ballarini)
“The Book of Intracticus, the Second Person to be Swallowed by a Whale,” 2021